About Us

Pavel Hilman

With over a decade of experience in the financial industry in general and private venture investments in particular, Mr. Hilman has gained a notable reputation as one of the leading accredited investors in various high-technology projects in the areas of bio-tech, agri-tech, med-tech, etc.
Mr. Hilman currently serves as a Shareholder, Member of the Executive and Advisory Boards and Supervisory Commitees of numerous private and public corporations in the United Kingdom, USA, Switzerland, Israel, Lichtenstein, Poland, Russian Federation and Ukraine.

Position in Sensilize: Chairman.

Dr. Yoav Zur

Dr Yoav Zur has over 20 years of experience in remote sensing during which he designed, built and operated hyperspectral systems and devised algorithms for both the civilian and defense markets. He obtained his PhD at Ben Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. His research was in the field of vegetation spectroscopy for precision agriculture.
After receiving his PhD, Dr Zur joined Bar-Kal Systems Engineering as a System Engineer. He played an integral role in the acquisition of Bar-Kal by Elbit Systems, a leading global defense contractor. After completing his required three year post-acquisition work at Elbit he and his colleague Dr Robi Stark decided to apply their knowledge in the environmental field and founded Sensilize.

Position in Sensilize: CEO / CTO.