Not a Simple NDVI Images

The data is processed according to spectral signatures and semi-empirical methodologies, enabling us to have sensitive quantitative information on measured parameters. Sensilize’s proved methodology and knowhow enables us to develop solutions and gather information related to the understanding of the different soil characteristics and vegetation state.

Mapping Bio-physical Agronomic Parameters

Sensilize analysis refers to mapping bio-physical agronomic parameters and soil properties that are required by professionals for different applications. Currently, we address the following parameters:

  • Pigment content and composition (Chlorophyll, Carotenoid, Athocyanin)
  • Leaf Area Index (LAI)
  • Vegetation Fraction
  • Green Biomass
  • Soil brightness
  • Iron oxides



The above parameters allow Sensilize to provide its users information during the whole growing period.

  • Pre-season applications
    • Basic Field mapping – topography, boundaries, drainage
    • Soil properties – variability, brightness
  • Vegetative and Productive Stages
    • Pre & Post applications analysis – emergence rate, recommendations
    • Weed Detection
    • Growth Vigor
    • Nitrogen Deficiencies
    • Scouting
      • Disease Detection
      • Stress
      • Irrigation problem identification
  • Additional Applications
    • Damage assessment for Insurance
    • Farm maintenance – boundaries, facilities