Our Solutions

Our Approach

“Bottom Up” Approach

The uniqueness of Sensilize is its ability to deal and address the need for data from an application point of view, a solution that is based entirely on the requirements of the users. The system can adapt itself to the user’s needs and additional parameters can be incorporated into it as the system evolves.

Sensilize places the user needs in the center.

In our solutions, we address issues related to the practical and application sides, allowing the user to really benefit from the information.

Sensilize takes into consideration and implements qualities that are of importance to the user.

  • Simplicity

    Manageable and straightforward for non – expert users.

  • Cost


  • Added Value

    The system has a significant added value to the user, by supporting the operation and management of his business.

  • Availability

    The size of the area and format of the data can be decided by the user.

  • Flexibility

    The user can select the most appropriate time to acquire the imagery.

  • Connectivity

    The system is open to accept and share with additional and external datasets.

How it Works?

We are offering a user friendly system that provides accurate and up to date analysis of the specified fields via a multi spectral application-driven camera that is integrated upon a micro UAS Platform. The camera enables detection of specific vegetation states, combined with a spectral analysis package allowing for optimal decision-making to enhance efficiency, maximize yield and minimize resources. The user defines the area to be explored; the mission is planned and the UAS is set to fly autonomously over the desired area. Once the UAV completes its mission and lands, the data is transferred and sent via the internet to a processing center where automatic analysis is done, followed by a QA process. At the end of the process, about 12-18 hours from data acquisition, the user receives two products: a true color high resolution image of the area and interpreted maps allowing him to decide on the required action.