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Sensilize Solution


The Robin Eye Sensor

The sensor measures the spectral range between 450-800 nm with 7 multispectral bands, two of which are red-edge bands.

It is a global shutter sensor, radiometrically calibrated that includes an additional RGB camera and an incoming irradiance sensor for calculation of real reflectance, enabling comparison of data over time.


The Robin Mind Software

Sensilize’s Robin Mind software handles management, processing and distribution of the imagery and thematic maps collected by the Robin Eye sensor. The automatic data processing software offers the user the following capabilities:

  • Radiometric Correction
  • Reflectance Calculation
  • Stitching and Geo-correction
  • Interpretation Algorithms:
    • NDVI Scouting
    • Red Edge Scouting
    • Vegetation Condition
    • True color (RGB)

The above interpreted data is uploaded seamlessly to a web based software.